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Hermione's Journal

13th October, 2002. 8:20 pm. Hm.

It didn't occur to me to set my journal's privacy. I'd naturally assumed that the students here were above annonymous posts. That being said, Sir Male Chauvinist, I am not insecure. I'd reply to your notes individually, but I have better things to do with my time (though I must admit, they provided me with much amusement).


Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, Fleur, are you able to chaperone for our club? I think it would be a good idea to put it into motion before the year gets too far underway :)

Current mood: surprised.

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5th October, 2002. 6:52 pm. Since I made icons, I may as well write an entry...

Not much to say as of late. My courses do keep me very busy (as usual, I'm taking several more than the average student - but I really do need to. How else am I going to earn the power I need to make a change in the world?).

I'm considering starting a group for the women on campus, but only if there are people who would attend meetings. I don't want a repeat of the house elves fiasco.

Current mood: good.

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1st October, 2002. 10:21 pm. I'm reminded of a very false muggle adage

I find it the sheer number of males in this group unnerving. Last I looked, there were women at Hogwarts. There's absolutely no reason why there should be a discrepency. If male wizards can work a muggle computer, women can too.

Ladies, wherever are you hiding?

I was hoping at least one of the Professors would be involved. How disappointing.

Current mood: confused.

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30th September, 2002. 9:39 pm.

I have my journal set up now except for the icons.

I need to decide if I'll use them; they do support a superficial interpretation of what I look like, afterall. It's unfortunate that I need to wear clothes and perpetuate stereotypes based upon my clothing, I should like to avoid any such conflict on the internet if I can.

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